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The company got started business in 2003 in the field of electrostatic powder coating, powder enamel equipment manufacturing, and facility production under the name of STR Teknik Makine. In time, STR enlarged its production capacity, technological equipment, export power, market share and became one of the leaders of the sector with its brand STRONG 3000 that also operates at international level.

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Enamel systems(wet and powder), powder coating systems, powder spray guns and robots, all products which are produced in Strong 3000 and imported to all countries of the world.


With its innovative line, STR aims for the future by directing modern production, marketing and sustainability approach to R&D investments and technological breakthroughs by taking decisive steps towards becoming a company that redirects global market with state of the art production quality and professional management understanding.

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About Electrostatıc

Powder painting is entirely a dry coating system. It consists of electrically charged powdered resin, pigment and other raw material particles that are sprayed on the objects to be painted.

Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent-free surface coating method. Coating material is ultrathin layer of  powder paint particles which form the toplayer. Powder paint is sprayed by means of special coating guns in the painting booth. Powder paint particles which are electrostatcically charged while passing throug the gun, adhere on the surface of the part to be coated and coating process occurs.

In order to obtain an excellent result from the painting process, the part to be painted must be cleaned and pre-treated. There are various methods of cleaning parts. While alkyd cleaners give good results for inorganic pollution, alkaline cleaners are more suitable for organic pollutants. For other organic impurities, grease absorbent chemicals are used.

It is carried out by an electrostatic gun. For this purpose, there are two types of pistols, corona and tribo. By means of a high voltage electrode placed on the tip of the gun,  powder particles are electrostatically negative charged  while they are leaving the pistol. Becouse the part  to be coated is grounded, electrostatically charged powder adheres  on it easily. However sometimes penetration of powder can remain restricted in highly indented parts due to Faraday effect. In this case pistols like Tribo are preferred. This kind of guns work on principle of charging the paint  positively with friction instead of applying high voltage.

The powder applied product has to be placed in the curing oven. At this stage, the part is exposed to temperature for a certain period of time provided in the technical properties of the powder. The paint first melts at this temperature and forms a smooth surface, then cures.  At the end of this period after the part taken out from the owen the painting process is finished. Powder Coating products generally cure at 200 degrees in 10 minutes. However, the 10-minute period mentioned here is started after the part reaches 200 degrees

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